Plastic free laundry without the harsh chemicals

Our laundry sheets will change the way you look at your laundry, no mess, no measuring, no heavy bottles and not a single piece of plastic in sight!

Most of us see doing the laundry as a chore, having to find the right detergent for your skin or your babies skin. Simple Living Eco wanted to create a more easy and eco-friendly way to do your laundry, something that was not harsh on your clothes and not full of chemicals, but works on tough stains and doesn't strip the colours from your clothes.

Our detergent sheets do not contain any chemicals and are made from natural ingredients. Our detergent sheets are cleaner and safer than pods, powders or liquids. We do not use any form of palm oil nor do we test on animals. Simple Living Eco detergent sheets are dissolvable and will not leave any residue on your laundry.

Our packaging materials are all 100% recyclable.

Simple Living Eco detergent sheets are certified.

Simple Living Eco Detergent sheets

  • Natural ingredients

  • No chemicals

  • Box is 100% recyclable

  • Fully dissolves

  • Does not leave residue

  • Great for sensitive skin and babies

  • Great for low temp wash

  • Ideal for hand washing clothes.

  • Travel friendly

  • No Palm Oil

  • No SLS

Our sustainability commitment

Eco-friendliness and sustainability have several dimensions, including: ingredient safety, skin irritation, carbon footprint, plastic waste impact, biodegradability, and more.

Naturally Simple: 1 sheet=1 Load

Simple Living Eco detergent sheets are amazing for sensitive skin.

Our sheets contain coconut oil alcohol, natural vegetable oil,

coconut extract and deionized water.

“I found Simple Living after searching for a detergent for sensitive skin, I ordered a sample and I was so amazed how they worked and left my clothes feeling super soft and fresh, I am very much converted and will not be going back to powders or liquids!

MIA, London

Simple and Efficient


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